Supports JP stats Final Form
413 Dear Lotta 6.0 Troubadour Lotta
380 Amaterasu 5.0 Blazing Amaterasu
  Luck+Farming JP stats Final Form
133 Jabbanero 4.5 Wrathful Jabbanero
419 Ursacles 5.0 High Axefiend Urasacles
362 U-Boat VII 4.5 U-Boat XXI
  Good Stats JP stats Final Form
564 Freya 6.0 Evolved Freya
393 Shiva 5.0 Shiva the Destroyer
  Useful Shield Breakers JP stats Final Form
380 Amaterasu 5.0 Blazing Amaterasu
264 Jupiter 5.5 Mechanized Jupiter
262 Neptune 4.5 Mechanized Neptune
282 Galahad 5.5 Galahad the Pure
  Useful Slayers JP stats Final Form
332 Saya 5.0 Umbral Saya
228 Agnes Belter 4.5 The Red Monstriker
344 Matilda 4.0 Valentine
How to use this chart
The first column contains the ID of the monster. The second row is the monster name, sorted by their usefulness. JP stats is out of 6, and are the current rankings for the best evolved form of the monsters in Japan. The last column tells you what best final form you should go for. These are the better of the 4 Star monsters, but is either very situational or can easily be replaced by rare 5 Star monsters.