Savage Events Youtube No. Drop Ascension For
Azure Torrent+   240 Scylla
Dark Soul   342 Murdigris
The Water Elephant's Empire   421 Pachydoom
The Fire Bear's Utopia Link 419 Ursacles
The Great Thunder   403 Thunderbird
Woodland Plant Monster   401 Dryad
A Clash with Mars   270 Mars
The Soul Eaters Cry   319 Nue
Kaguya's Feast   481 Kaguya
Furious Sea-King   399 Aqua Wyrm
The Insolent Faerie   300 Morgan  
The Golden Crane Link 479 Tanuki
The Shining Fowl's Palace   425 Pavotrus  
Wrought Iron   354 Weser  
Dragon Palace Emissary Link 475 Urashima
Tree of Horror   358 Schwalbe  
A Sword Like Flame   497 Saito the Survivor
Captain of Light   505 Kondo Isami
Shadowbound Demon   507 Hijikata Toshizo
Forest Frog Fiend   530 Freekfrog
Goddess of Helheim   587 Hel
Red Claws of Vengeance   525 Ultra Crabotron
The Eagle's Deathly Gale   582 Hraesvelgr
The Hard Bitten Rebel King   294 Lot