Starting the Game

In Monster Strike, there are two types of currencies, gold and orbs. Orbs are purchased through real cash money, and gold is earned from battling dungeons or selling "pets".
The game provides you with a surge of orbs at the beginning of the game, so it is essential for the player to utilize this, attaining as many of the top useful monsters as possible. Rolling, or rerolling is done through a hatcher system, where 5 orbs may grant you a chance at obtaining a rare monster to use in battle. The chances for obtaining a high value monster is very low, with rare 5 Star monsters having a 5-10% drop rate chance.

Unlike other mobile games like Puzzle and Dragons, Monster Strike team composition can be very fluid. While it exists, monster synergy is not as important as dungeon synergy, and you will see this as you fight.

Rerolling Methods

If you wish to have a good lead and enjoyable time in the game, rerolling is a necessary task. After completing the tutorial you are granted 10 orbs, allowing for 2 rolls. If you wish you may use a friend's referral link to gain an extra chance at rerolling.

Important: In the tutorial, pick a red smydra as your main monster. Red smydras are used for farming, and out of the three smydras only the red one has an explosion type evolution bump combo. If you don't understand at first its ok! Just pick the red smydra and read guides from theGuides Page

After the first battle, press the "skip" icon to save time and save you a deluxpie(Experience material). The game then allows you to roll. After your first roll the game will initiate you into a quest. Instead terminate the app by ending its process and reopen the game. You can then collect 5 orbs from the Mission Log from the Home screen.

When rerolling, you will generally want to acquire S or higher rank monsters. A list of hatcher obtainable 5 Star monsters can be seen here: 5 Star Tier List. Note that some monsters like Mundus or Striker are difficult for new players, as their ascension/evolutions are hard to obtain for new teams. Look inside each monster page for more details.

Notable 5 Star Starter rolls:

Repeat this process until you have acquired one or even two 5 star monsters. Decent 4 star monsters are on this list: 4 Star Tier List One notable 4 star is Dear Lotta, as she is a very good support monster with a high damage boost active skill. Note that rolling 10 at a time (50 orbs) guarantees you don't get a silver 3 star egg. 4 stars will still be in abundance, however.

Notable 4 Star Starter Rolls:

After your first initial reroll, you may want to maximize your rerolling strategy. Playing co-op with 10 different people will net you a further "striker bonus" of 50 orbs, and you may use that as part of your rerolling cycle. After the initial 10 co-op friends, each subsequent friend will net you 1 orb instead of 5, and you may use this method with 100 friends. A fresh reroll restart may be necessary if you have not acquired a few 5 Stars once you have exhausted these orbs.

How to Play

For further details on gameplay, check out the guides in the starter section on the Guides Page
The rest of this guide will assume you have general knowledge of the game. The best way to learn is to actually play the game!

Friends will be able to use your monster as an ally in a dungeon each time you enter a dungeon. The first slot monster in the first slot team will be the monster they see and select, regardless of which monster you use currently. This can net you many friend hatcher points but the fastest way to acquire friend hatcher points is through co-op.

Some monsters have a choice of Evolution or Ascension. Evolution for 5 Stars into a 6 star generally takes a Divine Sharl and Ascension requires specific Savage/Extreme Event Monsters. Once you evolve you may ascend and vice versa. With exceptions, most of the time Ascension form is considered to be better than Evolution form.
Evolving will not reset luck. Ascension to Evolved form and Evolved to Ascended for will not reset level.

Efficient Use of Stamina

If any day has a +10 or +50 bonus luck Sharl dungeon, place this on highest priority. Next you may place any event dungeon with either a new monster or a monster you need for ascension as next priority.

If you need exp run shellmageddons of the same element for 1.5x experience.

Grinding levels on Monday and Friday is one of the most important things to do as a beginner player. Extreme dungeons only unlock once you hit the 50 stamina cap at level 36, and since stamina regenerates at such a fast speed it is imperative that you have as much max stamina as you possibly can.

Monday: Monday is a half stamina dungeon day. Grind the highest 1/2 stamina dungeon you can for the most exp in levelling. The low stamina and high exp means you can run a dungeon, level, receive all your stamina back, then keep running. For best speed homing monsters are suggested. Co-op play is not suggested when farming levels.

Tuesday: Tuesday is Fire, and 1.5x Red Smydra Farming Day. Farm for 75 Red Smydras in the dungeon "Mr.Hotfoot" to obtain a 90 luck monster. This monster is useful for obtaining extra drops in sharl dungeons. Else run Sharls.

Wednesday: Wednesday is a Water Sharl Run Day. Try to run the Hard difficulty Sharl Event Dungeon for a chance at a rare Divine Sharl, useful for evolving your creatures. Drop rate is ~10%. For maximum farming power run with a 90-99 luck monster and co-op with friends.

Thursday: Thursday is Wood type Sharl Run Day.

Friday: Friday is Gold dungeon and half stamina day. The gold dungeon will not drop sharls so if you do not need gold you should grind 1/2 stamina dungeons.

Saturday: Saturday is Fire/Water/Light Sharl Run Day.

Sunday: Sunday is Wood/Dark Sharl Run Day.

Catalysts: Sharls and Stoans

The conversion rate of Sharls is:
40 Elemental Sharls of one type = 1 Divine Sharl

For Stoans:
10 Ministoans = 1 Stoan
10 Stoans = Maxstoan

New Player Goals

  • Try to obtain at least 2 5 star monsters from rerolling.
  • Try to make one 5 star a S tier or higher and hypermax it asap so you may use it with friends.
  • Get a 90 luck red smydra as soon as possible to farm sharl dungeons. Then try to get a 99 luck 6 star monster.
  • Assemble a repository of different colors and types to tackle different dungeons. Try to have two 5-stars of each element so you may swap when necessary.
  • Having a team of 3 homings will clear weak dungeons extremely fast.
  • Further 5 stars may be attained through Extreme Event dungeons. Top monsters include 5 stars such as Momotaro and Visceron.
  • If you are non-IAP(Non In-App Purchase)you may consider making a hypermax Striker Jr. with all the morlings you acquire. Striker Jr. is a rare gold drop acquired from the friend hatcher.
  • Go out there and Monster Strike!