1. Pull back your monsters and launch it against the enemy to try and rack up as many combos as you can to deal damage.

In single player mode, you will have an unlimited amount of time to think about where to shoot your monster. However, in co-op mode you’ll only have 15 seconds to decide on your move. Simply aim at the enemy monster you want to defeat and pull towards that enemy!

When you deal damage to an enemy the damage will be shown by floating red text around the area where you hit them.


3. Bounce type monsters will ricochet off walls and enemies multiple times if hit.
4. Pierce type monsters only ricochet off walls but not enemies, they strike straight through them dealing damage wherever they go. Pierce type monsters are especially good at activating other monster’s “Bump Combos” in hard to reach spots. It is convenient to have at least one pierce type monster in every team.

5. If you slide back your monster and hit another monster, it will activate their bump combo which deals damage depending on which skill they have.
Shown below, the attacking monster is going to hit an ally to activate the “Laser” Bump Combo.

6. Each monster has a different type of Bump Combo, some of these Bump Combos include lasers, explosions, or even homing missiles.

7. A boss will appear in every stage of the dungeon, and sometimes even mini-bosses appear before the final one.
When the screen turns red, it means the final boss has appeared.

8. When you enter face off against both mini bosses and final bosses they will have a hp gauge on top of the screen, as shown.
If the gauge is a different color from yellow as shown in the picture below, the boss will have multiple health bars.


9. If the gauge is a different color from yellow it means that you would have to take the boss down to 0 HP multiple times. The tiers of the HP bars go from Dark Blue > Light Blue > Green > Yellow. A light blue health bar is shown below.

10. Because his HP bar is light blue, it means that you would have to bring him to 0 HP three times.

11. Once you defeat the final boss with a yellow HP bar, the dungeon is finished and you’ve cleared it!

12. After every dungeon you are guaranteed a reward.
Completing the dungeon will give you a “normal” prize However, defeating the final boss in a given amount of turns will grant you the “ Speed” prize.
If your leader monster has a high amount of luck, you may receive the “Luck bonus” prize if you’re lucky.
To learn more about luck bonuses and creating a high luck monster to farm dungeons with, please read the guide “Importance of Luck”

13. You will also receive gold and experience after completing after every dungeon. If you’re lucky you may receive monster drops from defeating the monsters in the dungeon as shown above.
Special dungeons will drop items that are needed for evolution and making your monsters stronger.