Luck is extremely important when farming for monsters, EXP monsters (Deluxpies), and evolution materials. As shown in the picture above, high luck monsters help players gain these materials at a much faster rate.

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Higher Luck also increases the chance of boss drops from event dungeons in the reward screen at an even higher rate.


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Luck is raised by fusing together two of the same monster. Shown in the picture, by fusing two Nues, the clover(Luck) increases from one to two.

By adding two Nues to another Nue the luck will become three.
Fusing for Luck is additive. The base monster, Nue, had 1 Luck and so did the other two Nues used for fusion. 1 + 2 = 3 Luck.

Is it okay to fuse a pre-evolved monster to it’s evolved form?
The answer is yes. Shown here, Wrathful Jabbanero has 41 Luck.
But by adding a Red Smydra which is the pre-evolved form of Wrathful Jabbanero, the Luck still increases from 41 to 42 (41 Luck base monster + 1 Luck monster = 42 luck monster).

Similar to monster stats, Luck also has a max limit for each monster. Unlike being different for individual monster the max luck is determined by the rarity(number of stars) of the monster. The table below shows the max Luck limit for each Rarity (number of stars). In the picture above, since Shrump is a 1 Rarity monster his max Luck is 15 but by maxing out his Luck he gets additional +3 Luck bonus, making him an 18 Luck monster.

Rarity Max Luck Bonus +luck for maxing luck
☆1 15 +3
☆2 30 +6
☆3 45 +9
☆4 60 +12
☆5 75 +15
☆6 99 -

Theres a huge difference between a 99 Luck and a 90 Luck monster. Only a max luck (99 Luck) monster can obtain two treasure chests at the end of a dungeon. Pictured above is an example of this. In the next guide I’ll talk about how to achieve a high Luck monster using your starter monster!