Bump combos are another special skill that each monster has which differs from Strike Shots and is activated by bumping your monster to another ally or vice versa. There are different types of bump combos which includes, Mega Blasts, Homing Missile, Lasers, and  Spread Shots.

Mega blast bump combo does AOE damage around a certain radius of the monster as shown above by the explosions. The range is limited but it will do large amount of damage when it hits.

The Homing Missile bump combos are weak in firepower when compared to other Bump Combos but it shoots out multiple missiles when activated and hits monsters with 100% accuracy. With this type of Bump Combo, there’s minimal positioning needed as opposed to having a monster with Lasers or Blasts. Shown above are the Homing Missiles locking onto the enemy.

There are many types of Lasers, most of which are Vertical and Cross laser category. The Vertical Lasers shoot upward and/or downward depending on the monster because some monsters have a one-way laser while others shoot both upwards and downwards. The Lasers are relatively easy to use and deals more damage compared to the other long rage Bump Combos, Homing Missiles and Spread Shots. Shown above is the Cross Laser firing off in a X formation.

Spread Shots work by firing a specific amount of bullets in multiple directions. Though they lack damage, it is relatively easy to hit monsters because of how many bullets are fired.  Shown above is a monster using the Spread Shot Bump Combo skill.