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Monster Strike is...

A new fast paced action game from Japan!
Slingshot your character into victory!
Play solo or pair up to make a team of 4!
Evolve your monsters, make the strongest team!
Use unique skills and take down hard bosses!
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Database Bulletin

Hey everyone, if you see some error/missing information on any pages please comment in the disqus for that page with the description and we add it in asap! Thanks!


Dungeon Information

Sharl Normal Co-op
Mon 1/2 Stam  
Tues Rd 2x drop  
Wed Br 2x drop  
Thur Gr 2x drop  
Fri Lt or Dk 1/2 Stam 1.5x drop
Sat Dk 2x drop 1.5x drop
Sun Lt 2x drop 1.5x drop

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Android app on Google Play
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