Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Dragon
Type Balanced
Obtain Evolve
Max Luck 72
1 3970 4550 152.33
40 7445 9317 197.13
Plus Limit 1400 1600 41.82
Base Monster
Strike Shot Cooldown
Fire Drake Charge 13
Channels fire to moderately increase Speed and Strength.
Bump Combo Power
Super Blast 6560
Attacks with a large, non-elemental blast around the user.
Base Materials Evolution

No.133 Jabbanero

Stoan x30
Maxstoan x 10
Red Stoan x 5
Red Sharl x 1

No.134 Wrathful Jabbanero

Wrathful Jabbanero is one of the easier monsters to increase Luck on for beginner players. It is also one of the most easily obtainable 5 star rarity monsters outside of the hatcher because of its cheap evolution costs. Jabbanero’s Bump Combo is an explosion type so it’s easy to farm dungeons because other monsters can proc their own Bump Combos off of Jabbanero. But why Jabbanero out of the 3 starter monsters? This is because the dungeon where you farm Luck for him has the lowest stamina cost compared to the other starters, which enables players to go into the dungeon more often.
Out of most 5 stars Wrathful Jabbanero is one of the few 5 stars that does not have a ability. His stats are not the best so it will become harder to use him to farm high level quests and being a fire type, he will deal only .7 dmg to water types and take 1.3 times damage.
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No.132 Red Drake

No.134 Wrathful Jabbanero