Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Deity
Type Balanced
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 99
Ability Fiend Slayer
1 10859 9636 312.23
99 18768 18067 356.77
Plus Limit 3900 2460 48.96
Base Monster
Strike Shot Cooldown
Trophy Taker 22
Increases Attack with each rebound off a wall.
Bump Combo Power
Spread Shot XL3 2812
Fires 3 16-way sprays of massive elemental bullets.
Base Materials Ascension

No.196 Monster Slayer

Visceron x 2 x 1


Some strong points of Hunter King is that his strike shot is very strong, granting a massive attack boost each time he hits the wall. In his Ascend form, his bump combo exceeds 34000, and is one of the highest hitting lasers in the game.
Weak points with Hunter King is that his ascend form has low HP, even with plussed. That is why pairing this monster with high HP monsters is best.
While the normal evolution of this monster is a 7.0, the Ascended form is much better, with a rating of 9.0. This is because while the first evolution only has good speed, the final evolution is better in almost all stats.
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No.195 Hunter King

No.197 Striker