Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Deity
Type Balanced
Obtain Evolve
Max Luck 99
Ability Flight/Fiend Slayer
1 11540 12860 266.67
99 19961 23360 273.67
Plus Limit 3900 3080 54.40
Base Monster
Strike Shot Cooldown
Super Strike Raid 15
Bashes the first contacted enemy and attacks with a laser.
Bump Combo Power
Ex Laser L 6187
Attacks in a X pattern with 4 large elemental lasers.
Base Materials Ascension

No.198 Super Striker

Slash x 6


Striker received a 7.5 rating in Japan for his normal evolution Super Striker which by all means is not that great of a rating when compared to other monsters in his tier list. However, the ascended form of Striker received a massive 9.5 rating because of his insane bump combo damage and relatively good stats. In Striker's ascended form he has two bump combos, One-Way Laser L and One-Way Laser XL, these two skill both fire a massive laser beam that has a damage of 24,225 in both the upward and downward directions. This makes it incredibly easy to trigger the bump combo when compared to a monster like Arthur which only has the One-Way Laser that shoots upwards. Another point that makes Striker a very high priority pick is the fact that he has the Darkness attribute when ascended. With the Darkness attribute you will essentially have no weaknesses when facing monsters in a dungeon and are very versatile.
Striker’s weak point is that the necessary materials for his ascension are very hard to farm, especially for beginners, so getting the materials will take a considerable amount of time.
In short, though the ascended form of Striker is very good, it is very hard to achieve that form because of the materials needed. A tip for this is to evolve Striker into Super Striker first before ascension because then you only need 6 of the Slash monsters compared to 10 if you were ascending from the base form of Striker.
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No.197 Striker

No.199 Mundus