Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Demon
Type Power
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 90
Ability Null Gravity Barrier
1 6048 8160 139.10
70 11340 16724 170.70
Plus Limit 2460 2800 48.96
Strike Shot Cooldown
Oops! This Might Burn 20
Explodes with infernal power and does damage to all foes in the vicinity.
Bump Combo Power
Vertical Laser L 3234
Attacks upwards and downwards with 2 large elemental lasers
Base Materials Evolution

No.257 Harley X

Maxstoan x 30
Dark Stoan x 10
Dark Sharl x 5
Divine Sharl x 1

No.259 Grimrose Harley X

The evolved form of Harley X, Grimrose Harley X, received a 9.0 rating in the Japanese rankings. The reason for this is because of her Darkness attribute and the Null Anti-Gravity Barrier which can be annoying to deal with in dungeons. Grimrose Harley X's Strike Shot is also very powerful which can deal about a million damage when hit in the monster's weak spot.
Weak points about Harley X is that it can take a long time to max her stats to the upper limit because she has higher Plus Limit caps when compared to other monsters. She can receive 3900 HP, 2800 Attack, and 76.16 Speed. And with her base speed at 189 in her ascended form, you'll really be wanting that extra speed. Also, because he Strike Shot requires bounces, monsters that put up Damage Walls are annoying to deal with when using Harley X.
In short, Harley X's evolved form, Grimrose Harley X is a very good monster however you have to take the time to max her stats because of the higher Plus Limits. You may also find her hard to use when facing dungeons that put up damage walls because she needs to bounce off walls when using her Strike Shot
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No.256 Harley

No.258 Grimrose Harley