Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Paladin
Type Speed
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 72
Ability Shield Breaker
1 3330 3300 270.97
40 6165 6765 351.03
Plus Limit 1400 1280 33.32
Strike Shot Cooldown
Blessed Rood 11 turns
Uses a holy knight's power to greatly increase Speed.
Bump Combo Power
Spread Shot L2 1722
Fires two 16-way sprays of large elemental bullets.
Base Materials Evolution

No.282 Galahad

Stoan x30
Maxstoan x 10
Red Stoan x 5
Red Sharl x 1

No.283 Galahad the Pure

She is a Pierce type with a Shield Breaker so she can destroy shields from any position relatively easily. She also has a extremely high amount of Speed.
She has a low amount of HP and Attack compared to other 4 star monsters which means you can’t use her for reliable damage. She is also easily replaceable by other many other monsters with higher stats.
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No.281 Conflagrant Agnamut X

No.283 Galahad the Pure