Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Paladin
Type Balanced
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 90
Ability Null Damage Wall
1 6270 8085 217.00
70 11457 16574 266.33
Plus Limit 2460 2800 48.96
Strike Shot Cooldown
Caliburn 14
Shreds the first contacted enemy and attacks with holy light
Bump Combo Power
Vertical Laser L 9471
Attacks upwards and downwards with 2 large elemental lasers
Base Materials Evolution

No.288 Arthur

Maxstoan x 30
Light Stoan x 10
Light Sharl x 5
Divine Sharl x 1

No.289 Queen Arthur

With a bump combo damage exceeding 24,000 when evolved, Arthur is a very strong pick. With no elemental weaknesses due to being light attribute and high stats, Arthur fits in many if not all parties. Queen Arthur’s Strike Shot allows her to laser in any direction with a cross, dealing massive damage. This beam is extremely easy to shoot. Finally, Arthur’s passive allows for her to relocate on the board without worry of taking wall damage.
Queen Arthur’s bump skill’s weakness is that it changes from a two way up and down laser into a up-only laser. There is more difficulty in repositioning, but damage is amplified greatly. In the end a laser barrier quickly reduces Arthur’s battle effectiveness.
This is a very desireable monster to reroll for, and has a place in all types of parties. With a powerful evolution that does not require ascension, Arthur is one of the best monsters. Queen Arthur’s Bump Combo is super powerful but only shoots in one direction. It’s best to keep her near the bottom of the play area for maximum effect!
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No.287 Merlin the Destined

No.289 Queen Arthur