Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Samurai
Type Speed
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 99
Ability Null Gravity Barrier
1 11430 10074 279.37
99 19756 18888 338.60
Plus Limit 3900 4310 48.96
Base Monster
Strike Shot Cooldown
Crimson Eruption 24
On each rebound, attacks outward with twin crimson blades.
Bump Combo Power
Spread Shot XL3 2812
Fires three 16-way sprays of massive elemental bursts.
Base Materials Ascension

No.304 Crimson Sanada

x 2 x 1


The ascended form of Sanada Yukimura received a 9.0 in Japanese rankings and is considered good by the Japanese rankings. Her well balanced stats are what makes her a decent monsterat your disposal. With her incredible max Speed stat of 421.25 combined with her Attack of 23,588 she can do devastating damage by racking up hit combos. With her passive ability of Anti-Gravity Barrier she is free to bounce around to do damage without any hassle by those gravity barriers.
Cons with Sanada are that her bump combos in her ascended form has a hard time dealing damage unless you are in close range to the enemy because of how Spread Shot XL3 3 XL Bullets in 16 different directions and Short Range Spread Shot 99 Bullets in 16 different directions works. By being in such close range to the enemy you’ll be more prone to receive damage.
In short, the normal evolution of Sanada is not that great but when she reaches ascension she becomes a lot stronger due to her decent stats and Bump Combo skills. However, gathering the ascension materials may be a bother because you need a 3 Luck Orochimaru and 2 Luck Astaroth if ascending from the base form and a 2 Luck Orichimaru and 1 Luck Astaroth when ascending from the normal evolution.
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No.303 Sanada Yukimura

No.305 Masamune