Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Samurai
Type Balanced
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 90
Ability Null Damage Wall
1 6057 7887 195
70 11358 16168 240.10
Plus Limit 2460 1960 48.96
Strike Shot Cooldown
Triple Hit 24
Gives the command and leads teammates against the enemy.
Bump Combo Power
Vertical Laser L 9471
Attacks upwards and downwards with 2 large elemental lasers.
Base Materials Evolution

No.311 Oda Nobunaga

Maxstoan x 30
Dark Stoan x 10
Dark Sharl x 5
Divine Sharl x 1

No.312 Demon Queen Nobunaga

With Oda Nobunaga, it's fairly easy to deal damage because of her Bump Combo and Strike shot in both her evolved form and base form. Her base form uses Vertical Laser LA two-way up and down laser while her evolved form Demon Queen Nobunaga uses Ex Laser LLasers in a X formation for the Bump Combos. Both her base form and evolved form uses a Strike Shot that leads teammates against the enemy which means that if you hit an ally while using Strike Shot their Bump Combo will be much stronger.
The downfall with Oda Nobunaga is that even though her ability that ignores Damage Walls has great compatibility with her Strike Shot, Gravity Fields have a huge negative impact on her damage. Oda is greatly impacted by this because Gravity Fields slow your monster down and she relies on the speed from her Strike Shot to deal great damage.
In short, Oda Nobunaga has fairly above average stats in her evolved form, Demon Queen Nobunaga and a great passive ability that works in conjunction with her Strike Shot. However, it is not recommended to take her into a dungeon if you know there's going to be a monster with Gravity Barrier active. It will greatly reduce her damage and you will have a hard time trying to bounce to allies with your Strike Shot.
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No.310 Mitsunari the Wise

No.312 Demon Queen Nobunaga