Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Concordi
Type Speed
Max Luck 72
Ability Demon Mancer Slayer
1 3533 3795 186.60
40 6624 7779 241.70
Plus Limit 1400 1280 33.32
Strike Shot Cooldown
Bump Combo Power
Mega Blast 6560
Attacks with a very large, non-elemental blast around the user.
Base Materials Evolution

No.362 Type VII

Stoan x30
Maxstoan x 10
Dark Stoan x 5
Dark Sharl x 1

No.363 Type XXI

Due to her being a Pierce type and her Bump Combo being an explosive type which acts as a catalyst for other monsters to activate their Bump Combos U-Boat VII is an useful support character. Her speed is also relatively higher than most other 4 star monsters, it synergizes with her Pierce and Explosion ability. Also because she is also a Devil Slayer she can be extremely useful in certain event dungeons.
Her speed is high but her other stats are extremely low and even though she is a Devil Slayer, she is only useful those certain Devil event dungeons. She may also be hard to obtain because she is only available through a co-op only dungeon as a drop.
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No.361 Kii

No.363 Type XXI