Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Samurai
Type Balanced
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 90
Ability Null Gravity Barrier
1 6057 7887 195.67
70 11358 16168 240.10
Plus Limit 2460 1960 48.96
Strike Shot Cooldown
Triple Hit 24
Gives the command and leads teammates against the enemy.
Bump Combo Power
Mega Blast 7653
Attacks with a very large, non-elemental blast around the user.
Base Materials Evolution

No.368 Oda Nobunaga X

Maxstoan x 30
Blue Stoan x 10
Blue Sharl x 5
Divine Sharl x 1

No.369 Demon Queen Nobunaga X

Unlike her non-X counterpart Oda Nobunaga this monster has a different Bump Combo, passive ability, and somewhat different stats. First, her Bump Combo Mega Blast attacks with a very large blast around the user which deals a significant amount of damage, instead of the lasers her non-X counterpart uses. Next, her passive ability ignores Gravity Barriers which was the downfall of her non-X counterpart, this allows Oda Nobunaga X to have an easier time activating her Strike Shot and being able to hit allies with it. Lastly, her stats are a bit different, Oda Nobunaga X receives 27.2 more Speed but exactly 2000 less damage when all her stats are at max. However, her stats are still definitely above average.
The weakness with Oda Nobunaga X is that even though her ability that ignores Gravity Barriers has great compatibility with her Strike Shot, Damage Walls have a huge negative impact on her gameplay. Because Oda moves around at high speed in her Strike Shot, she tends to bounce around the map a lot and that could lead to being trapped between a monster and a Damage Wall which would not be a very pleasant experience for your HP bar.
In short, Oda Nobunaga X has above average stats in her evolved form, Demon Queen Nobunaga X and has a great passive ability that works well very well with her Strike Shot. However, you may have a hard time finding a chance to use the Strike Shot active when facing against enemies who can put up Damage Walls.
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No.369 Demon Queen Nobunaga X