Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Deity
Type Power
Obtain Evolve
Max Luck 99
Ability Null Gravity Barrier
1 11858 19798 138.97
99 20501 28762 158.97
Plus Limit 3900 5650 33.15
Base Monster
Strike Shot Cooldown
Atridr Crash 20
Explodes on first enemy contact and does a lot of damage damage to all foes in the vincinity
Sync Strike Allies Needed
Gungnir's Answer 1-3
Sync with an ally with a homing bump combo to summon a mighty spear
Bump Combo Power
Homing Destruction 4 15375
Targets weakened foes with 4 elemental homing missiles.
Base Materials Ascension

No.384 Odin All-Father

Fire Wyrm x 1 Blue Wyrm x 2

No.385 Odin of the Blue Flame

In his normal evolution, Odin only receives an 8.5 rating according to Japanese rankings. However, his ascended form received a 9.0 which is fairly good and results in Odin being an A tier monster according to Japanese tier lists. The strong points about Odin in his ascended form is that his HP and Attack is very high. His attack can reach a whopping 35112 when maxed on levels and plus monsters. His HP is also fairly good, reaching 25110, when maxed on levels and plus monsters. Another strong point about Odin is his strike shot, it has a very high base damage and when used correctly the damage can be in excess of 1 million.
However, the weak point about Odin is his speed because he only reaches 193 when maxed out in his ascended form. This means that even though he's a bounce character it'll be hard to rack up those combos because of how slow you'll be moving.
In short, Odin has very high HP and insane Attack which makes up for his lack of speed. His Strike Shot also makes for a devastating attack that leaves a dent even when dealing with harder monsters later on in the game.
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No.383 Odin

No.385 Odin of the Blue Flame