Rarity ★★★★★★
Class Deity
Type Balanced
Obtain Evolve
Max Luck 99
Ability Null Damage Wall
1 12694 10288 293.33
99 21957 18688 301.03
Plus Limit 3900 3650 61.20
Strike Shot Cooldown
Keraunos Thunder 30
Attacks all enemies on contact with a lightning shower.
Sync Strike Allies Needed
Olymipian Procession 1-3
Align with a Deity-class ally and attack with a shockwave.
Bump Combo Power
Giga Blast 7499
Attacks with a very large-non elemental blast around the use
Base Materials Ascension

No.390 Zeus Olympios

Fire Wyrm x 3


No.390 Zeus Olympios

Dark Wyrm x 3


Although his evolved form Zeus Olympios only received an 8.5 rating in Japan, his ascended forms, Light Ascended Zeus and Dark Ascended Zeus, are considered S rank monsters with their rankings of 9.5. His HP, Attack, and speed are vastly superior to other monsters in both of these ascended forms. The HP, Attack and speed are capped at a bit over 26000, 22000, and exactly at 369.3, respectively. A huge plus in all of Zeus' forms is that he acts as a catalyst for other monsters, esentially activating their own Bump Combos if they hit him. For the ascended forms. Zeus' passive ability Anti-Damage Wall is also great for clearing dungeons especially since he's a Pierce type monster.

In his ascended forms, Zeus gains an extra Bump Combo, Cross Laser S which shoots out 4 small lasers in a cross direction. And his Strike Shot in all forms deal a massive amount of damage.

Dark Zeus in particular is the preferred ascended evolution by many players in Japan. The reason for that is because he has the Darkness attribute which virtually has no weaknesses against monsters in a dungeon.
Weak points with Zeus is that since he's a piercing type monster you need good subs in your team to make up for his lack of damage compared to bounce type monsters. Not much damage is to be expected from Zeus by himself. You may also have trouble in the early game because of how hard the ascension materials for Zeus is to come by.
Though the normal evolution for Zeus may have a lower rating, there is the benefit of it being much easier to gather materials for the evolution. Also, if you choose to ascend Zeus Olympios later on, you'll need less materials compared to if you were ascending it from regular Zeus.
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No.389 Zeus

No.391 Zeus of the Shining Flame