Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Paladin
Type Blast
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 72
Ability Null Gravity Barrier
1 3698 2992 138.23
40 6934 6133 179.07
Plus Limit 1400 1280 33.32
Strike Shot Cooldown
Encouraging Melody 16
Increases the Strength of teammates on contact for a set period of time.
Bump Combo Power
Volatile Blast S 3280
Causes a wide blast that triggers additional Bump Combos.
Base Materials Evolution

No.413 Dear Lotta

Maxstoan x 90
Green Stoan x 30
Green Sharl x 15

No.414 Troubadour Lotta

One of the best 4 star monsters available. Dear Lotta is a support type monster with a Strike Shot that increases the attack of your teammates by 1.8x upon contact for 11 turns. Also, being a Pierce type monster and having the Anti-Gravity Barrier passive, it synergizes extremely well with her Strike Shot. She is compatible in almost every party and definitely helps you with speed clearing even in the harder dungeons later on in the game.
Her stats are below average compared to other 4 stars. You will have to make up for her low amount of HP with other monsters. Also, being a wood attribute monster it might be difficult to bring her to a dungeon that has primarily fire type enemies.
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No.412 Heavy Crocodire

No.414 Troubadour Lotta