Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Sprite
Type Blast
Obtain Hatcher
Max Luck 90
Ability Null Warp
1 6394 6453 225.03
70 11989 13228 276.13
Plus Limit 2460 2575 55.25
Strike Shot Cooldown
Muspell Lance 12
Bashes the first contacted enemy and attacks with a laser
Bump Combo Power
Ex Laser M 6629
Attacks in a X pattern with 4 medium sized elemental lasers
Base Materials Evolution

No.437 Smopol

Maxstoan x 30
Red Stoan x 10
Red Sharl x 5
Divine Sharl x 1


In his evolved form, Smopol can deal a decent amount of damage when his bump combo is activated by your allies. With his Null Warp passive ability, Smopol will be able to position himself easily without having to deal with the annoying warps.
Though Smopol looks strong stat-wise, for a Blast type monster his stats are very average compared to others. Even Smopol's Strike Shot is very average compared to others, there's not a lot of damage that you can expect from it.
In short, even though Smopol looks like a great monster stat-wise he pales in comparison to other Blast type monsters. Though Smopol is currently 7.0 in the JP Rankings, there is going to be an event which increases the abilities of your character. When this event drops it will boost Smopol's ranking to a respectable score according to the JP Rankings. However, it is recommended that you roll or re-roll for a better monster instead of Smopol.
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No.438 Smopol The Giant