Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Deity
Type Balanced
Obtain Ascend
Max Luck 99
Ability Flight/Fiend Slayer
1 12096 10068 244.07
99 20916 18875 278.97
Plus Limit 4200 3175 56.10
Base Monster
Strike Shot Cooldown
Time is on my Side 30
Delays enemy attacks on contact for 3 turns
Bump Combo Power
Spread Shot L2 1722
Fires two 16-way sprays of large elemental bullets.
Homing 8 10981
Targets foes at random with 8 elemental missiles.
Base Materials Evolution

No.455 Mundus Ultimus

Maxstoan x 90
Dark Stoan x 30
Dark Sharl x 15

No.200 Emulous Mundus

Mundus and his normal evolution are not strong by all means however his ascended form is a different story. In his Ascended form he gains the following: Passive Anti-Gravity Barrier ability, stronger Primary Bump Combo, Secondary Bump Combo, and increased stats. In Mundus' normal evolution his primary Bump Combo has a power of 2152 but in his ascended form the Bump Combo power shoots all the way up to 10918. Along with the Primary Bump Combo he gains a secondary one that has a power of 1722 and shoots 2 bullets in 16 different directions, although it is weak it is a nice bonus. 'Finally, with the addition of the passive ability Anti-Gravity Barrier combined with his other ability Flight Mundus excels at being able to move across the map with very quickly without encountering any resistances.
Mundus does not excel in doing great damage just with hit combos. His Attack in the ascended form is only at 22050 which for a Balanced type is only average. Also because Mundus is a pierce type character with an Anti-Gravity Barrier passive in his ascended form he is at risk for taking a lot of damage from Damage Walls if not played correctly.
Overall, Mundus is an above average monster and if you have him it's recommended that you ascend him instead of sticking with the normal evolution. The bonuses that you gain from ascending him are pretty significant and the materials aren't that hard to get either! The monster that he needs for ascension is only 4* so beating the dungeon won't be too tough compared to other monsters' ascension materials.
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No.456 Apex Emerald Dragon