Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Paladin
Type Speed
Obtain Evolve
Max Luck 99
Ability Flight/Null Gravity Barrier
1 7986 12618 352.03
99 13805 23659 402.27
Plus Limit 3900 1850 39.95
Base Monster
Strike Shot Cooldown
Deals a lot of damage upon contact with enemy weak point.
Bump Combo Power
Ex Laser L 6187
Attacks in a X pattern with 4 large sized elemental lasers
Base Materials Ascension

No.513 The Rose Monstriker

Dr. Sorge x 3 Queen Butterflight x 1

No.514 Blossom Warrior Pink

In her ascended and evolved form, Mayla Snappe gains a Flight ability which is pretty good when paired with her current Null Gravity Barrier ability. Her stats are also very good; she has an above average amount of Attack when compared to other monsters that are Speed types. Her Strike Shot synergizes well with her because she's a Pierce type and it deals a large amount of damage when you hit a monsters weak spot.
Even though her Speed and Attack are high, Mayla Snappe has a low amount of HP. That being said, you must compensate for the low amount of HP with other monsters. Her Bump Combos in her ascended form are also not very strong compared to other monsters.
Overall, Mayla Snappe's abilities Null Gravity Barrier and Flight are very useful in situations where there are these obstacles in the dungeon. Her Strike Shot is very good because of the synergy with her Pierce type and her above average Speed and Attack. Her HP is lacking so be sure to compensate for it.
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No.512 Malya Snappe

No.514 Blossom Warrior Pink