Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Deity
Type Blast
Max Luck 72
Ability Drone Breaker
1 4998 4392 209.23
40 9373 9003 271.03
Plus Limit 1400 1300 40.80
Strike Shot Cooldown
Hildisvini Charge
Uses enchanting, divine power to increase Speed.
Bump Combo Power
Homing 8 3616
Targets foes at random with 8 very powerful elemental missiles
Base Materials Evolution

No.564 Freyja

Stoan x 30
Maxstoan x 10
Red Stoan x 5
Red Sharl x 1

No.565 Izanami the Inviter

She is a rare TurretShield, Warps, Laser, etc.. Breaker with extremely high stats for a 4 star monster and has a Gauge Shot bonus.To synergize with her high stats she has an Anti-Damage Wall passive that comes in handy from time to time. Her Bump Combo is also relatively strong being the Homing 12 ability.
Even though she has great stats, she can really only be a support monster because of her very common passive, Anti-Damage Wall, and she is outclassed by higher rarity monsters which have higher stats and can replace her easily. She is also available only through the Hatcher which makes her pretty hard to get.
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No.563 Izanami the Inviter

No.565 Freyja Moongoddess