Rarity ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Class Sprite
Type Balanced
Obtain Evolve
Max Luck 99
Ability Mine Sweeper
Gauge Shot Null Damage Wall
1 8378 10440 363.73
99 14491 18963 373.23
Plus Limit 3900 1850 37.40
Base Monster
Strike Shot Cooldown
Bump Combo Power
Giga Blast 7499
Attacks with a very large-non elemental blast around the user
Base Materials Ascension

No.570 Yggdrasil Worldtree

Jormungandr x 3 Hel x 1

No.571 Yggdrasil the All-Tree

Yggdrasil is one of the top pierce type monsters in the game because she has a great amount of Attack and a nice bump combo. Also, once she's ascended she receives a secondary bump combo, Homing Destruction 4, in addition to her regular explosion bump combo. Though her ascension gets an extra bump combo, her evolution receives a gauge shot which gives her a Null Damage Wall ability. Her Strike Shot is similar to Zeus' where it deals a lot of meteor damage to whomever she hits, which synergizes really well with her because she's a pierce type. Ascending her is also fairly easy because she only needs four monsters, all of which are 4 stars. This makes it easy even for beginner players to collect her ascension materials.
Because her main bump combo is an explosion type bump combo, she won't be able to do much damage alone and will have to rely on other monsters for consistent damage. Also, in her regular evolution, her HP will only reach around 18,000 HP max so you'll have to compensate for that with your team.
In conclusion Yggdrasil is a very versatile monster that has top tier stats and a nice Strike Shot with an easily farmable ascension material. She can also be brought to most descend dungeons. Her bump combo alone may be weak but because she's a pierce and explosion type monster, she can easily activate the other bump combos in your party. The trade off between her evolution and ascension are her ability, gauge shot and bump combo. In her evolution, she gets an added gauge shot which gives her a Null Damage Wall in addition to her current Minesweeper ability. In her ascension, she receives an extra bump combo but her Minesweeper ability is replaced with a Null Damage Wall. Both of these forms are very good but most people prefer he ascended form.
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No.569 Yggdrasil

No.571 Yggdrasil the All-Tree