NA NA S+ Tier JP stats Final Form
Yes Napoleon 10.0 Napoleon the Valiant
Yes Margarite 10.0 Margarite the Faerie
Yes Sakamoto Ryoma 10.0 Ryoma the Visionary
  Uriel 9.5 Ascended Uriel
NA NA S Tier JP stats Final Form
  Lucifer? 9.5 Ascended Lucifer?
  Uesugi Kenshin 9.5 Ascended Uesugi Kenshin
Yes Oryo 9.5 Oryo the Restorer
  Cleopatra 9.5 Ascended Cleopatra
  Beethoven 9.0 Evolved Beethoven
Yes Verdandi 9.0 Verdandi the Creator
  Sirius 9.0 Evolved Sirius
NA NA A+ Tier JP stats Final Form
Yes Yggdrasil 9.5 Yggdrasil the All-Tree
Yes Zeus 9.5 Dark Usurper Zeus
Yes Merlin 9.5 Ascended Merlin
  Snow White 9.5 Evolved Snow White
Yes Hunter King 9.0 Heedless Hunter King
Yes Lucifer 9.0 Evolved Lucifer
Yes Mundus 9.0 Mundus Ultimus
Yes Sanada Yukimura 9.0 Ascended Sanada Yukimura
  Aladdin 9.0 Evolved Aladdin
  Siegfried 9.0 Ascended Siegfried
Yes Striker 9.0 Ascended Striker
  Jerald G 9.0 Evolved Jerald G
NA NA A Tier JP stats Final Form
  Guan Yu 9.5 Ascended Guan Yu
  Liu Bei 9.5 Ascended Liu Bei
  Tokugawa Ieyasu 9.5 Ascended Tokugawa Ieyasu
Yes Loki 9.5 Loki, God of Mischief
Yes Alice 9.0 Alice in Wonderland
  Sakuragi Eve 9.0 Ascended Sakuragi Eve
  Belphegor 9.0 Evolved Belphegor
Yes Red Hood Nonno 9.0 Nonno the Wolf Trainer
Yes Arthur 9.0 Queen Arthur
Yes Tini 9.0 Dark Emperor Tini
Yes Heracles 9.0 Hero God Heracles
Yes Saigo Takamori 9.0 Saigo the Lasting Teacher
Yes Agnamut X 9.0 Ascended Agnamut X
  Chiyo 9.0 Ascended Chiyo
NA NA B+ Tier JP stats Final Form
Yes Rad Swagger 8.5 Hammer Warrior Clover
Yes Agnamut 9.0 Conflagrant Agnamut
Yes Wildcat 8.5 Mustang
Yes Lancelot X 9.0 Ascended Lancelot X
Yes Apollo X 8.5 Mechanized Apollo X
Yes Odin 8.5 Odin of the Blue Flame
  Gilgamesh 8.5 Evolved Gilgamesh
  Cu Chulainn 9.0 Evolved Cu Chulainn
  Jean d'Arc 9.0 Evolved Jean d'Arc
Yes Loreley the Mermaid 9.0 Ascended Loreley the Mermaid
  Michael 8.0 Ascended Michael
Yes Columbia 9.0 Independence
  Deneb 8.5 Evolved Deneb
NA NA B Tier JP stats Final Form
  Zhang Fei 8.5 Evolved Zhang Fei
  Spica 8.0 Ascended Spica
Yes Harley X 8.0 Grimrose Harley X
  Genghis Khan 8.0 Evolved Genghis Khan
  Raphael 8.5 Ascended Raphael
  Anubis 8.0 Anubis the Guardian
Yes Takeda Shingen 8.0 Evolved Takeda Shingen
Yes Lancelot 8.0 Ascended Lancelot
Yes Eclipse 8.5 Grand Eclipse
  Rapunzel 8.5 Ascended Rapunzel
  Mozart 8.0 Ascended Mozart
Yes Oda Nobunaga X 8.5 Demon Queen Nobunaga X
Yes Oda Nobunaga 8.0 Demon Queen Nobunaga X
Yes Hanzo 8.0 Iga Demon Hanzo
Yes Malya Snappe 8.0 Blossom Warrior Pink
NA NA C+ Tier JP stats Final Form
Yes Susano 8.0 Stormbringer Susano'o
  Brahma 7.5 Ascended Brahma
  Athena 8.0 Evolved Athena
Yes Nanami 7.5 Floodgate Nanami
  Ra 7.0 Ra, Lord of Light
Yes Sasuke 7.5 Sanada Brave Sasuke
Yes Saizo 7.5 Water Ninja Saizo
Yes Hamelin 8.0 Piper Mage of Hamelin
  Osiris 8.0 Osiris of the Nile
NA NA C Tier JP stats Final Form
Yes Lin Zi 7.5 Maverick Lin Zi
Yes Royce 7.0 Royce the Hero
Yes Hades 7.0 Hades, Lord of the Dead
  Kali 7.5 Evolved Kali
Yes Valkyrie 7.0 Valkyrie of the Jade Flame
  Bach 6.5 Evolved Bach
  Beelzebub 6.5 Ascended Beelzebub
Yes Smopol 6.5 Smopol The Giant
Yes Harley 6.5 Grimrose Harley
Yes Hikari 7.5 Resplendent Hikari
Yes Apollo 6.0 Mechanized Apollo
How to use this chart
The first column lets you know if the monster is out in NA. The second column is the monster name. Two Japanese tier list sources are used. Monsters are first arranged using JP Source 1, then their stats from JP Source 2 is displayed in the third column. Stats are out of 10, and are the current rankings for the best evolved form of the monsters in Japan. The last column tells you what best final form you should go for. Monsters with a "?" after their name have speculative names.